SPEC Kit 329: Managing Born-Digital Special Collections and Archival Materials · 51
Estimating Storage Needs
A combination of Special Collections/Archives and library IT staff 16 25%
Special Collections/Archives staff 11 18%
Library IT staff 9 14%
A combination of library IT and campus IT staff 1 2%
Campus IT staff 0
A combination of Special Collections/Archives, library IT, and campus IT staff 0
Other 26 41%
Archival Staff/ Digital Initiatives Librarian
Archives, digital curation leadership and library network/system administration
Central Operations department, Digital Library Services department
Collection staff
Digital Archivist, Libraries IT staff
Digital Collection Managers
Digital Initiative Librarians, Data Curation Librarians, Library IT
Digital Initiatives/Library IT
Digital Services and Shared Collections Department and Digital Development and Web Services Unit
Directors, Library/Archives staff, IT staff
Each collector/selector
Electronic Records Archives Program Management Office (within Information Services)
Institutional records: a team consisting of the records manager, college archivist, archives staff and institutional IT.
Personal materials: library IT.
IT Department, based on input from the curatorial and program management staff.
IT staff at the Southwest Collections/Special Collections Library Digi Resources Library Unit and the University Library
Library & parent IT staff/consortia
Library Digital Programs Division
Library IT and curators
Library IT staff with Library Research & learning support unit
Library IT staff/collection curators/reformatted content producers (e.g., those migrating content from obsolete media into
a modern format.)
Library Systems with input from Digital Library Services and Special Collections & University Archives
Research Data Curation staff
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