26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Capitalize on existing expertise to leverage capacity where it exists.
IT Specialists are being used. Currently Still Pictures just add responsibilities for born-digital materials to current
positions. Electronic records preservation staff directly contribute to the Electronic Records Archive activities.
Considerable workload has increased pertaining to system design, development, testing, and analysis.
May link up with other units in the Libraries or beyond.
One librarian has had his position expanded to include acquisition and management of gaming collections.
Recast an existing position to include managing born-digital materials.
The e-records/digital resources archivist position that is split with the office of the CIO does investigate tools and
provides advice to curators and curatorial staff in more effective ways of accessioning and managing born-digital
Trained high-level students dedicated to born-digital projects (4 students).
We expect there will be a need to create new positions and/or recast existing positions for managing born-digital
We have a newly created digital resources library unit that will work with born-digital.
We have created new staff positions. The Digital Archivist, a position in the Special Collections/University Archives
Unit, manages digital collection building for that unit. The Digital Project Coordinator position was created to add
oversight and accountability to the many digital collection-building projects underway. We repurposed a position to
become the Digital Data Curator, and another position to become the repository Digital Collections Manager. We added
responsibilities for digital collection management to an existing professional position, the Social Sciences Data Librarian.
We are actively working with other library liaisons to build digital collection building into their service repertoire. We
hope to add an electronic records management position in the next 1 to 2 years in Special Collections/University
Archives, to manage the official electronic records of the university. This position will work with an ER system, rather
than with the repository although we anticipate sharing born-digital materials from the ER system that have scholarly
value and are available for open access use across the two systems.
4. What opportunities does your library pursue (or plan to pursue) to increase staff expertise in
managing born-digital materials? Check all that apply. N=64
Conference attendance 58 91%
On-the-job training 58 91%
Training provided by professional organizations 57 89%
SAA workshop/Summer Camp attendance 41 64%
Independent study 39 61%
Local courses in computer or digital technology 21 33%
Training provided by vendors 15 23%
Rare Book School attendance 14 22%
ARMA workshop attendance 8 13%
Other opportunity 9 14%
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