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Accessioning Workflow
Accessioning Workflow
1. Donor Agreement received
2. Media physically secured (create separation sheets if necessary to preserve original order)
3. Record accession information AT
4. Assign Barcode (use double barcodes for separation sheets as appropriate)
5. Photograph media
6. Acquire media content (disk image or copy)
7. Record checksums
8. Scan content for PII &Viruses
i. Check donor agreements for existing policies
ii. If none apply: negotiate restriction, return, or destruction with donor
iii.Comply with agreements
iv.Record restrictions &actions taken
9. Move content to Dark Storage
10. Securely erase local copy
General Policies
Electronic media received by RBMSCL should only be accessed in read-only mode
Media with a USB interface must use the write-blocker
Firewire &eSATA drives must be mounted in read-only mode
No media received by RBMSCL shall be reused for any other purpose.
Electronic media shall never leave the custody of RBMSCL/UA except for:
Preservation activities (e.g. specialized data recovery services) under the direction of
the Electronic Records Archivist (requires the use of a signed transfer form)
Very large volume transfers copying to ITS secure network storage by ITS staff under
the direction of the Electronic Records Archivist (requires the use of a signed transfer
All media should be clearly marked with the accession number and/or collection name.
Label bands or dedicated storage boxes with labels are preferred. Avoid directly labeling
the media if possible.
If there is an unavoidable delay in transferring the data to the secure network storage, a record
for the data will be added to the electronic media transfer queue so that the need for the
transfer is documented and attended to in a timely manner.
RBMSCL/UA transfer drives (used by archivists visiting the donor):
Shall be clearly labeled
Used only by permission of the Electronic Records Archivist
Shall be cleared only after transfer to ITS secure network storage has been verified and
then only by the Electronic Records Archivist
Archivists shall request the donor NOT purge copied files until transfer has been verified
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