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univerSity of virginia
AIMS Whitepaper. Appendix E: Sample Processing Plans
o “Primer” spreadsheets and graphs, 1996-1997

Office files, 1995-2001
Biographical statements
Lists of Tobin’s publications
Quicken files
Recommendation letters and lists of recommendations
Telephone lists

Writings, 1992-2001
Of all groupings, the Writings grouping would need the most considerable organization and description. In
the short term I recommend either not listing individual files, or listing individual files with filename and
date only.
Recommended arrangement work for later: Combine paper records and electronic records into a com-
mon arrangement. Considerable attention to Tobin’s personal papers is needed, especially those related to
his military service. Arrange writings alphabetically by title, identify explicit drafts, and reconcile against pub-
lication lists included in this accession as available from the Cowles Foundation. In the long term, we should
plan to process the collection as a whole and integrate all the accessions into a common arrangement.
Diskettes 1-3, 11, and 17 should be discarded; #1-3 contain printer drivers; #11 contains modem software; and
#17 contains many deleted files and is mostly blank.
Some of Tobin’s “office files” are of uncertain or low research value, such as the Quicken files, biographical state-
ments and telephone lists. The publication lists are of questionable value as the Cowles Foundation has a detailed
publication list in PDF form; however, Tobin has some topic-specific publication lists that may be helpful. Some of
the office files also appear to be inventories of paper files, which may or may not be reflected in the paper records
previously acquired.
Other (paper) correspondence within this accession is restricted. E-mail contains both personal and professional
correspondence; personal/family correspondence includes reference to health issues. Consider restricting e-mail
under similar conditions. Most letters written using WordPerfect are professional in nature. Recommendation letters
and Quicken files (which deal with Tobin’s personal finances) should be restricted.
Proposed action now: Investigate migration options for Lotus 1-2-3 files, particularly those that reference graphs.
Recommended for later: Migrate WordPerfect files to PDF/A; migrate e-mail to a different format.
See Preservation. Files should be extracted into a storage option such as the YUL Rescue Repository so they can
be paged on request. This collections does not have a high level use, so there is probably not an immediate need to
create use copies.
AIMS: An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship
Appendix E: Sample Processing Plans 12
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