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Yale University
Beinecke Rare Book &Manuscript Unit, Processing Manual. Electronic Files
accessioned. The Manuscript Unit pursues a strategy of bit-level capture through disk
Documentation on the accessioning (i.e. disk imaging) of each piece of media is
captured on an “Electronic Records Media Log”. The logs are maintained by accession
number on the department’s Accessioning webpages at
Additional documentation on the "Electronic Files Workflow for New Accessions" and
"Electronic File Log" can be found on the department's Accessioning webpages.
5.6.4 Appraisal
There are tools for appraising/analyzing content on disk images and electronic files. For
appraising or analyzing content of files in disk images, commercial forensic tools (FTK
Imager and AccessData FTK) are available. Consult the appropriate staff member
regarding use of these tools in planning for processing. For appraising/analyzing the
content of electronic files, the library has file viewing software (Quick View Plus) on
some staff workstations, public workstations, and laptops. See the Quick View Plus
website for comprehensive list of file types supported by the current version of the
5.6.5 Intellectual Arrangement
General note
When computer media is found in a collection it should be routed into the computer
media accessioning workflow--see step 2 of the "Electronic Files Workflow for New
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