SPEC Kit 329: Managing Born-Digital Special Collections and Archival Materials · 53
Library Information Technology Office and Library Digital Programs Division
Library IT and curators
Library Technology Council (represents all stakeholders for technology issues)
N/A; based on pay for use.
Parent IT staff/consortia
Research Data Curation staff
Southwest Collections Administration and Library Technology Management System
Monitoring Storage Usage
Library IT staff 25 40%
A combination of Special Collections/Archives and library IT staff 10 16%
A combination of library IT and campus IT staff 5 8%
Special Collections/Archives staff 2 3%
Campus IT staff 0
A combination of Special Collections/Archives, library IT, and campus IT staff 0
Other 18 29%
Central Operations department
Digital Archivist, Libraries IT staff
Digital collections
Digital Initiatives Librarians, Library IT
Digital Initiatives/Library IT
Digital Services and Shared Collections Department and Digital Development and Web Services Unit
Electronic Records Archives Program Management Office (within Information Services) and Preservation Staff (within
Research Services)
Institutional records: institutional IT. Personal materials: library IT.
IT staff at the Southwest Collections/Special Collections Library, Digi Resources Library Unit and the University Library
Library Digital Programs Division
Library IT staff monitor and advise Special Collections and Archives staff regarding storage.
Library IT staff with Library Research & learning support unit
Library Systems, Digital Library Services, Special Collections & University Archives
Not currently undertaken.
Parent IT staff/consortia
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