SPEC Kit 329: Managing Born-Digital Special Collections and Archival Materials · 159
univerSity of michigan
Bentley Historical Library Digital Processing Manual
5/21/12 5
f. Appraisal and analysis of content (If email is present, archivist may
need to convert file format to MBOX to review messages in an MBOX
g. Add file extensions to unidentified files with TRiD (Save log file in the
\Metadata\ folder and record event in the PREMIS preservation event
h. Separation of unnecessary or superfluous content
i. Use TreeSize to identify and move content to appropriate
folder in \bhl-root\Separations\
ii. Save log file in the Metadata folder and record event in the
PREMIS preservation event spreadsheet.
i. Arrangement (only if needed)
j. Run bhl_batch.bat to create preservation copies of material in at-risk
i. Text/office documents: MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
documents will be migrated to 2010 Office Open XML; PDF
documents will be converted to PDF/A.
ii. Raster Images: BMP, PSD, PCD, PCT, and TGA will be converted
to TIFF.
iii. Raw Camera Images: 3FR, ARW, CR2, DCR, MRW, NEF, ORF,
PEF, RAF, RAW, and X3F will be converted to JPEG (for access)
iv. Vector Images: AI, EMF, and WMF will be converted to SVG; PS
and EPS will be converted to PDF/A.
v. Audio files: WMA, RA, SND, and AU will be converted to WAV.
vi. Video files: FLV, WMV, RMVB, and RV will be converted to
MPEG4 (with H.264 encoding).
vii. Email will be converted to MBOX.
viii. Database files: ACCDB, MDB, SQL Server and Oracle DB will be
converted to SIARD open XML.
k. Create ZIP archive files (if necessary) and finalize packaging of
content for deposit in a long-term preservation repository
l. Content characterization with DROID
8. Content will be transferred to a post-processing location
a. Restricted content: \bhl-archive\ (“dark” storage location)
b. Unrestricted content: \bhl-root\deepblue_deposits\ in the Interim
9. Complete metadata forms
a. Deep Blue deposit spreadsheet
b. PREMIS preservation event spreadsheet
c. EAD descriptive and administrative metadata template
10. If the content is unrestricted, Digital Curation Services will coordinate its
deposit in Deep Blue.
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