100 · Representative Documents: Job Descriptions
WaShington univerSity in St. louiS
Film & Media Digital Archivist
MINIMUM EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Masters Degree or Graduate Level Certificate
PREFERRED EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: A Master’s degree or Graduate level Certificate
in moving image archives, library and information science, film studies or other related
degrees. Experience working with audio/video formats and files, digitization of linear media,
website development, and editing digital media is required. Experience with editing software
on Final Cut Pro is preferred. Previous archival education or experience preferred.
Knowledge of African-American history and documentary filmmaking is a benefit. Evidence of
written, oral communication and web management skills is required.
CRITICAL SKILLS AND EXPERTISE: Previous archival experience or education required.
Knowledge of digital formats and African-American history, film, and documentary filmmaking
is a benefit. Evidence of written and oral communication skills required. Experience working
with digital video and audio equipment, files and formats, compression codecs, and web
delivery is desired.
The position will make regular decisions on materials to be digitized, formats used, and the
structure of metadata information gathered for the digital files. There are no concrete
standards for digital materials; therefore it will be important for this person to stay abreast of
new technologies and emerging practices. Principles guiding these decisions will be
determined in collaboration with the supervisor and Digital Library Team. The impact of
these decisions will affect the process and workflow for making materials accessible online as
well as strategies for long-term digital storage and preservation.
Internal The person will interact mainly with archive staff and Digital Library Services.
External Most external contact will be with vendors and moving image archivists who also
are managing digital content.
Given None
Received Employee will often work closely with the supervisor to develop goals and
strategies in the archive as it pertains digitization, editing, and preservation.
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