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University of Michigan
Quality Assurance for BHL Web Archives
9/21/2011 8
QA Procedures for Bentley Historical Library Web Archives
1. For each site, use the QA Spreadsheet to record:
a. Your initials
b. The date on which QA was conducted
c. The number of captures currently held for the site
d. The date range of the captures (may be a single date).
2. From the “Manage Sites” screen of the WAS curatorial interface, click on the
site name to access the “Site Summary.” (You may choose to right-click and
open in a new tab.)
a. Capture Settings
i. Verify that the site name (i.e. “Department of Chemistry Web
Archives (University of Michigan)”) adheres to BHL conventions.
1. BHL conventions for site titles may be found in the
document: “Bentley Historical Library Web Archives:
Methodology for the Acquisition of Content” (pp. 3-4).
2. Modify site names as needed in step 8 (being sure to
respect the original site’s name, if possible).
ii. Check if “linked pages” are being captured:
1. For U of M content:
a. Only “high priority” sites should include the
capture of linked pages.
b. For all other sites, linked pages should not be
captured to avoid an excessive amount of content
in the web archives.
2. For MHC content, the QA specialist may need to verify if
linked content should be captured. (See later steps.)
b. Scheduling
i. For U of M:
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