54 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Research Data Curation staff
Special Collections/preservation librarian
The Director of Integrated Information Systems and the Digital Data Curator
Budgeting Storage Funding
Library administration 14 22%
Library IT staff 14 22%
A combination of Special Collections/Archives and library IT staff 6 10%
Special Collections/Archives staff 3 5%
A combination of library administration and library IT staff 2 3%
A combination of library IT and campus IT staff 2 3%
A combination of library administration, Special Collections/Archives, and library IT 2 3%
A combination of library administration and campus IT staff 1 2%
Other 18 29%
Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems
Central Operations department
Digital Initiatives/Library IT
Digital Services and Shared Collections Department and Digital Development and Web Services Unit, in conjunction with
Fiscal Services
Digital Strategies Committee
Each collector/selector is responsible, although few actually undertake this task.
Head of Systems and Director of Administrative Services
Institutional records: institutional IT. Personal materials: library IT.
IT staff and Scholarly Publishing and Data Management Team
Library Information Technology Office and Libraries Administrative Services
Library IT staff, and Associate University Librarian for Digital & Discovery Services
Electronic Records Archives Program Management Office (within Information Services)
Parent IT staff/consortia
Requested an annual basis—IT and library staff.
Research Data Curation staff
Shared by library departments.
Southwest Collections Administration and Library Technology Management System
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