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Other issues
A variety of procedures are in place. Some address some of these issues some do not.
All of these are covered by policies and procedures from across the Libraries, not just within the digital ingest group.
As complex issues and concerns, these are not within any single policy and are instead supported by many policies and
Development of policy underway donors have applied access restrictions.
Our holdings are unprocessed Presidential records that require access review and the completion of a notification
process defined by Executive Order 13489 prior to public access to any of the records.
Related to appraisal, we are also trying to address whether or not this material is or will be deposited with another
institution. Since the donor or depositor does not have to hand anything physically over to us, and even if they do, since
they may easily make and retain a copy, we are concerned that we may be spending time and resources on material that
is not unique and that the donor may wish to deposit in multiple institutions creating a redundant work to process the
material in multiple places.
We are currently developing policies and procedures in this area in conjunction with the acquisition of our first major
born-digital organizational archive.
We are in the process of creating policies for institutional records. These issues will primarily be addressed through file
plans and retention schedules. We have not addressed these issues for personal materials.
We are just beginning to discuss these issues.
We have the ability to capture and maintain rights metadata, the IRB policies for specific research data. We can also
control access to parts of a research data collection that need to be preserved but not made available for privacy or
copyright issues. We hope to implement a dark archive in the coming year, but currently we will preserve born-digital
resources that are in a fragile format (such as superseded video file formats).
We would follow existing guidelines from the print world, I expect. Hasn’t come up yet.
12. Does your library have a written policy that addresses your PII practice? N=59
Yes 12 20%
No 47 80%
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