70 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Check-in/ingest tool (Medical Center Archives only)
Curators’ Workbench developed locally and incorporates some open source tools.
ETD Processing system, various BASH/XSLT scripts
Exploring UNC’s Curator’s Workbench.
Homegrown tools (more bootstrap than microservices) to interact with Fedora and use on Macs.
In the process of development.
Metadata wrapper for storage and access of digital items in Fedora.
Python-based microservices and APIs
Scripts to support accessioning and metadata extraction; Media log.
Still coming up with this maybe.
Tools for managing repository and storage network workflows.
Various Python & Perl scripts
We are customizing the open source DAMS, Islandora, to meet our requirements. See above.
We could conceivably explore home-grown tools/solutions with our university IT staff.
Workflow Management System (metadata and object handling for RUcore)
XSLT stylesheets; Schematron and RelaxNG Schemas; local scripts
Other software/service/tool/approach N=13
Archivist’s Toolkit
Considering Archivematica.
Currently exploring a variety of tools, including: checksum checkr; metadata extractor; DROID; Xena; FTK imager;
Adobe Bridge.
Hand encoded MODS records
Heritrix (Web Crawling)
I do not understand the question, which indicates the problem. We work with library IT folks to whom this would mean
something, hopefully.
Open source cont: DROID, Duke Data Accessioner, Apache Tika, etc.
Photoshop, Thumbs Plus, and a variety of others to carry out specific processing actions such as mass renaming;
addition of caption information to each digital image lacking that information; stripping out metadata that is embedded
in the header of photos and creating a text file; tools to make mass corrections of file names (for example removing all
empty spaces in filenames).
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