SPEC Kit 329: Managing Born-Digital Special Collections and Archival Materials · 185
Yale University
Beinecke Rare Book &Manuscript Unit, Processing Manual. Electronic Files
Beinecke Rare Book &Manuscript Unit, Manuscript Unit, Processing
Manual section on Electronic Files
5.6 Electronic Files
Computer media containing electronic or born digital files are sometimes found in
manuscript collections and, like other collection material, should be accounted for in the
arrangement and description of the archive.
Disks and other media are logged and pulled when a collection is accessioned and
acknowledged in the AT Accession module. The content is captured for preservation,
appraisal, and access, and the original media is returned to the collection and placed in
Restricted Fragile Papers.
5.6.1 Security &Access
MS Unit and selected Beinecke staff members have access to use copies of disk images
on a YU network directory.
Library guidelines for research use of eletronic files in manuscript collections are posted
on the Beinecke website under Research Services at Ordering Copies /Photographs /
5.6.2 Collection Development
Library guidelines for collecting born digital manuscript material are maintained on the
network directory under Curatorial\YCAL\Born Digital Docs.
5.6.3 Accessioning
Accessioning of computer media is defined by the library as capture of the content off
the source media. Computer media should be removed from manuscript collections
upon receipt or during baseline processing of new accessions in order to be
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