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A combination of special collections, library administration, library IT, and parent organization IT
Archival Staff \ Digital Initiatives Librarian
Campus/library network/system administration
Central Operations department
Digital Initiatives/collecting unit
Digital Services and Shared Collections Department and Digital Development and Web Services Unit, and Special and
Area Studies Collections for permissions to physical materials as they are transferred to digital.
Electronic Records Archives Program Management Office (within Information Services) and Preservation Staff (within
Research Services)
Implemented by Libraries IT staff; those with access to secure archival space must be designated by the director of a
given unit or her designee.
Institutional records: institutional IT. Personal materials: library IT.
IT staff at the Southwest Collections/Special Collections Library Digi Resources Library Unit and the University Library
Libraries IT staff, Digital Archivist
Library & parent IT staff/consortia
Library Information Technology Office and Library Digital Programs Division
Library IT with input from collection staff
Library IT, curators, and the Office of the CIO
Library Research & learning support unit (where the institutional repository librarian is located)
Non IT digital repository managers and IT
Permissions: Library IT staff. User authentication: Campus IT staff.
San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)
Shared responsibility between the IT Department and the system owners. May also be based on license or other
agreements governing our content.
The library works with the Office of Information Technology to use LDAP, CAS and Shibboleth IdM for single sign on, but
may also implement authentication microservices for specific projects. These are designed by the digital library architects
and implemented by digital library programmers.
We’re still working through these issues. We use the campus LDAP for our institutional repository. Other instances are
managed by library IT and/or Digital Initiatives librarians.
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