SPEC Kit 329: Managing Born-Digital Special Collections and Archival Materials · 29
We are the custodians of the electronic Presidential records transferred to NARA at the end of each administration.
While Presidential records will remain the vast majority of our electronic holdings we also have small volumes of
personal electronic records that will need a more systematic management approach in the coming years.
We currently access records and fonds that include born-digital material, mostly on media such as hard drives, floppy
disks, and CDs.
Websites, blogs, etc.
Additional Comments
Content support born-digital publications and artworks.
Electronic theses and dissertations, research data, and non-commercial e-only publications are handled through the
Institutional Repository, which is not part of Special Collections.
Research data: initiatives in this area are currently managed by the Research Data Management Service Group within
the University Library, not within special collections units.
6. Which of the following types of born-digital materials does your library currently collect or plan to
collect? Check all that apply. N=64
Currently Collect Plan to Collect N
Audio recordings (including podcasts) 49 14 63
Photographs 53 9 62
Moving images 42 19 61
Video recordings 48 13 61
Texts (such as unstructured office documents) 43 12 55
Institutional websites 24 28 52
Email 23 23 46
Databases 21 20 41
Other types of websites 18 20 38
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data 19 12 31
Social media (e.g., institutional Facebook pages, Twitter
6 23 29
Executable files 14 4 18
Enterprise systems data 2 13 15
Computer games 5 5 10
Other type 6 6 12
Number of Responses 62 49 64
If you selected “Other type” above, please briefly describe the other type(s) of born-digital
materials your library currently collects or plans to collect. N=12
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