82 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We face the challenge of separating out confidential material. Digital access is not currently provided to collections
containing this content.
We have no policies or mechanisms for delivering born-digital content at this time.
Without a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) in place we have not been able to provide access/discovery. A
current system-wide initiative is working on a solution to this. Rights management issues and a clear understanding of
what materials can be made available have hindered access. System-wide initiative is currently working on a solution.
Working out issues relating to security/privacy (as mentioned above).
uSe Policy
23. Are the born-digital materials your library offers or plans to offer available to all library users or is
their use restricted to certain categories of users? N=63
Some born-digital materials are available to all users; other materials are restricted 52 83%
All born-digital materials are available to all users 8 13%
Use is restricted to certain categories of users 3 5%
Please briefly describe any restrictions on the use of born-digital materials (e.g., user category,
institutional affiliation, internal policy such as restriction on personnel, student-related records,
etc.) N=52
Some born-digital materials are available to all users; other materials are restricted
Access restrictions may be stipulated in donor agreements, for special collections materials. Provincial privacy legislation
restricts access to university archives containing personal information. The university’s IP policy allows broader use and
reproduction of some copyrighted materials by the university community than by external users.
As mentioned previously, our system will enable born-digital materials to be restricted by unit, user, collection, and item.
As per our normal practices, restrictions may apply if required by the donor and/or privacy laws.
At the moment, largely donor-imposed.
Based on already existing policies for restrictions regarding institutional and organization records.
Certain records are restricted per university records access policy, regardless of format.
Deed of gift restricts some materials.
Depends on the content. Items can be restricted to individuals or to specific IP ranges.
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