SPEC Kit 329: Managing Born-Digital Special Collections and Archival Materials · 85
Use is restricted to certain categories of users
For current processed content, only MARBL users who have registered with MARBL and have access to the researcher
workstation in the reading room can use born-digital materials.
Restrictions based on internal policy.
Some of our born-digital collections are available only in a Virtual Reading Room. To gain access to our Virtual Reading
Room, all researchers must submit an application to use a collection and agree to follow our rules of use. So long as
researchers do this, they may use the materials.
24. Does your library require users to complete any registration process before using born-digital
materials? N=60
Yes 25 42%
No 35 58%
If registration is required, please briefly describe the process. N=34
Answered Yes
All on-site users register at first visit, regardless of what materials they are using.
All researchers who use MARBL content must first register. Researchers fill out a questionnaire, show identification, and
have a brief orientation/interview with Research Services staff.
All special collections users complete the same registration process (using Aeon system). No additional registration,
unless required for a particular collection.
All users who visit our reading room are required to register by showing a valid form of ID and filling out a registration
form (users who are affiliated with the university are pre-registered through our university’s authentication system).
Since many materials will be available only in the reading room, users will need to register before use. We are exploring
the idea of making other materials available freely to university users from any location through a login, or making
material available through campus networks, but those uses have not been fully worked out and may not be viable or
Currently, it still is a paper process. We are developing a “click through” approach in the new repository environment.
Currently, we use the same registration process required for physical manuscript collections. The user fills out the
appropriate paperwork and then has an interview with one of our curators. This has been fairly easy to enforce
because the born-digital materials currently held in special collections are used in our reading room. There is no
equivalent registration process for the born-digital materials in our digital collections, institutional repository, or open
journal system. We have other born-digital materials that may not be accessed without the permission of the principal
investigator of the research project that the materials pertain to.
Fill out contract outlining what you want access to. Researcher assumes liability should they republish or distribute the
material. Once signed form is returned or payment received (cost of digitizing an analog recording, photograph, etc.) we
provide the copies or access.
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