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AIMS Whitepaper. Appendix E: Sample Processing Plans
4. Yale University: Tobin Collection Processing Plan
Processing Work Plan
Institution: MSSA
Archivist: Mark A. Matienzo
Date: June 7, 2011
Collection title: James Tobin papers
Creator: Tobin, James
Current call number(s): MS 1746, Accession 2004-M-088
Provenance: Gift of Elizabeth Tobin, 2004.
Extent: 8.75 linear feet 27 3.5” inch diskettes (35.7 MB)
Research strengths: correspondence regarding professional activities working and final drafts of conference papers,
periodical columns, and other publications.
Types of electronic records present: Correspondence (e-mail and computer-written letters) writings spreadsheets
and graphs office files (biographical statements, calendars, publication lists, etc.), course materials. Files are primarily
WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 some Quicken files exist e-mail is in text form, either in Eudora mailboxes individu-
ally saved text files.
Significant preservation concerns: See file formats above. Most significant concern is Lotus 1-2-3 files several should
be considered compound objects with graphs and formatting information.
Current: Minimal. Labels from individual diskettes have been transcribed as component titles within finding
Proposed enhancement: Description should follow executed organization as specified below.
Recommended description work for later: see under organization.
Current: Hard to determine. Paper records do not seem to have a coherent overall organization, with the
exception of the correspondence however, correspondence is still scattered between “Letters to Jim,”
“Professional Correspondence”, “Nobel Prize Correspondence,” and “Personal Correspondence.” Writings
are very disorganized
Diskettes appear to be used as transfer media for files between his office, his home, and his cottage in
Wisconsin. A few disks, or sets thereof, show some grouping based on type of records, such as “office files”
(publication lists, telephone lists/address books) and letters that Tobin wrote in WordPerfect. Writings are
not grouped together thematically.
Proposed arrangement: Arrangement should be based on record types. Within the electronic records for
this accession, logical groupings and subgroupings are as follows:
Correspondence, 1992-2001 and undated
o Correspondence written using WordPerfect, 1992-2000
o E-mail, 1996-2001 and undated
Course materials for Economics 480B, 1998
o Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets, 1992-1997
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