SPEC Kit 329: Managing Born-Digital Special Collections and Archival Materials · 67
18. What software/services/tools does your library currently use or plan to use for digital processing
actions? Check all that apply. N=54
Currently Use Plan to Use N
Open source tool (e.g., Jhove, Droid, SENF, ADAPT ACE) 31 13 44
Outsourced service (e.g., Archive-It) 12 19 31
Home-grown tool 18 11 29
Commercial tool (e.g., Aid4Mail, IdentityFinder, etc.) 21 6 27
Other software/service/tool/approach 8 5 13
Number of Responses 42 30 54
Please list the specific tool and/or briefly describe your approach (from bandaid/bootstrap
approach to microservices software development) below.
Commercial tool(s) N=22
Adobe Bridge; Photoshop
Archivists Toolkit, CONTENTdm
CONTENTdm and Shared Shelf currently being used.
CONTENTdm (2 responses)
CONTENTdm for access
Currently use Adobe Pro for conversion of some documents to PDF and PDF/A, and can anticipate using other
commercial products.
Forensic Tool Kit, Aid4Mail
FRED, FTK Imager
FTK; FTK Imager; ImgBurn; Aid4Mail; DVD Decrypter; Md5Checker; Catweasal ImageTool3; FC5025 Imager;
ArchiveFacebook; JR Directory Printer; MediaJoin; Quick View Plus; SyncBack; Kryoflux software; PCMacLan
FTKImager (though free, proprietary), FileMerlin, Oxygen, Adobe Acrobat
Hitachi Content Platform, FAST search engine, alfresco (for our users’ work environment)
Identity Finder, McAfee Anti-Virus, FTK Imager (free), EmailChemy, and QuickView Plus
Isilon enterprise storage
Mac-legacy versions of iMovie hacked into earlier versions of product (all built into the Mac OS).
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