68 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
OnBase by Hyland Software
Photoshop, Acrobat
Quick View Pro, FTK Imager
Symatec Backup Exec.
Use Identity Finder for PII.
We are in the very early stages of exploring the potential of SharePoint.
Open source tool(s) N=34
Archivematica (2 responses)
Archivematica (incorporates Jhove, and other open source tools)
Archivematica for preservation, ICA-AtoM for access, DSpace for access.
Archivematica, BitCurator, Hypatia, Fedora
Archivemedica: thinking about it.
Archon and Fedora
Currently, DSpace, JHOVE and GIT
Droid, Duke Data Accessioner
DROID; FITS; LOC Bagger GUI; Bagit library; Thunderbird; Handbrake; IrfanView; Shredder; WinHTTrack; YPOPs; Fiwalk;
Sleuthkit; MediaInfo; Afflib; ClamAV; Fido; Archivematica; Basilisk II
DSpace currently being used; Fedora, Islandora being considered.
DSpace, ClamWinAV, JHOVE, DROID, SleuthKit
DSpace, Drupal, FEdora, Solr
DSpace, Drupal, Open Journal System
Duke Data Accessioner, Archivematica, Fedora Commons, Jhove, FITS, IRODS
Duke Data Accessioner; also looking at Archivematica.
Duraspace (Fedora Commons), ExIf tool, MediaInfo, Archivists’ Toolkit, Oxygen
Evaluating Duke Data Accessioner; Archivematica; California Digital Library’s Merritt; MetaArchive, etc.
Exploring archivematica or DPSP from NAA.
Fedora Commons digital repository + Hydra/Blacklight
Hydra/Fedora tools (DIL), MDID3
JHOVE, BagIT, Archivematica, AIMS, FITS, fiwalk, LOC-Bagger, Curator’s Wookbench
Jhove, Droid, Archivematica, Virtualbox, HTTrack, Imgburn, CDCheck, Exiftool, + others (whatever helps/works)
Jhove, Droid, Rosetta
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