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The Doodle Revolution
Tue, November 1, 11 - 03:08
If you ever find yourself
doodling during class or in
a meeting, don’t feel
Sunni Brown, it’s one of
the most productive things
you can be doing. An avid
visual literacy advocate,
Sunni is best known
for�large-scale strategic
doodles Continue
The History of the
World in 100 Objects
Mon, October 31, 11 - 03:00
While doing some
research earlier today, I
came across a fascinating
project undertaken by the
British Museum called
“The History of the World
in 100 Objects.” Many of
you may already be
familiar with this project, as
I’ve come to Continue
copyright articles and
Mon, October 17, 11 - 05:00
An unfortunate part of
working with digital
collections and other
visual resources is dealing
with copyright. While we
can’t answer specific
questions, we can provide
you with some resources
that may help steer you in
the right direction. Here
are Continue reading

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Digital Content Creation Services
Digital Content Creation offers the following services in
support of the digitization of Library holdings:
Project planning and consultation
Full-book digitization
Digitization of maps, images, letters, archival material, slides,
microfiche, microfilm, filmstrips, and three dimensional objects
Optical character recognition (OCR)
OCR correction
  Color managed workflow
  Image processing
  PDF creation
Our partners include Digital Library Initiatives and Content Access
Digital Content Creation also offers digital consulting and production
services to campus faculty, staff, and graduate students through the
Library's Scholarly Commons.
Digital cameras and copystands
Large format Graphtec CS610 Pro scanner (for originals up to 42”
Epson GT 15000 flat bed scanner 11 x 17 with sheet feeder
  Plustek OptiBook A300 flat bed scanner 11 x 17 (book friendly)
Wilkes & Wilson ScanStation FS300 microfiche scanner
Nikon SuperCool Scan 4000 microfilm and slide scanner
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