SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities  · 27
Services and Support
7. Please indicate which of the following types of services your library offers users who are engaged
in digital humanities projects. Check all that apply. N=49
Project Development and Support N=47
Initial project development  consultations 46 98%
Digital project management 43 92%
Grant writing to support digital  humanities research 26 55%
Outreach  and marketing 23 49%
Other activity, please describe 14 30%
Assistance with identification of materials for the collection/project.
Assistance with system specifications, coordination with the Library Systems department.
Co-write grant if library is a partner. Referral to appropriate digital tools and services.
Digital curation of resources from prior/existing digital humanities projects. Facilitation of interdepartmental and inter-
institutional collaboration.
Except for the first of these, the Libraries would take on those tasks only when it had become a full-fledged Libraries
Digital Project, CCNMTL, or CDRS project. Only the first, and to minor degree the third, would apply in the case of
individual patron DHC projects.
Most projects are internal, based on the library’s special collections.
Ongoing consultations as project proceeds.
Scanning, OCR, uploading, PhotoShop editing, archiving, maintenance.
Seed grants. Connections to special collections for shared projects that utilize manuscripts. Assistance with long-term
data management. We are willing to support grant writing activities, but thus far have not assumed this role. We do
provide supporting statements for grant seekers.
Skills workshops for faculty and/or students (typically in conjunction with other campus units). Our new research
commons, which includes digital humanities lab space and a library sandbox, may help us to add to/refine this list of
Small grants to projects; coordination of teams to support projects.
Training, hosting, facilitating connections with other resources on campus.
We include digital asset management, i.e., SIP agreements, and are building digital preservation capacity.
We offer metadata/description services, preservation services, and electronic journal publishing services as well.
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