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1. Which of the following statements best describes services that support digital humanities projects
at your institution? N=63
The library provides ad hoc services that support digital humanities projects 30 48%
The library hosts a digital scholarship center that supports multiple disciplines,
including the humanities 15 24%
Services for digital humanities projects are hosted outside the library 7 11%
The library hosts a digital scholarship center that is specifically dedicated
to the humanities 5 8%
The library hosts digital scholarship services but not for humanities projects 2 3%
Digital scholarship services are not offered at my institution 4 6%
The Library Provides Ad Hoc Services that Support Digital Humanities Projects
As a single check box I must say that the bulk of services rest outside the Libraries. However, that is not to say that the
Libraries does not host content and provide services, we do.
Digital humanities projects are supported both by the Libraries and by separate entities on our campus.
Our new facility, the Taylor Family Digital Library, has a host of services that will support Digital Humanities projects,
including hardware and software, consultation and presentation practice rooms, display opportunities and space for
presenting exhibitions and seminars, etc. It is just in the process of opening, so we don’t have our formal program in
place yet.
The campus IT organization has also made a recent modest investment in digital humanities support services.
The library is considering consolidating DH services into a center, but it has not happened yet.
The main support for digital humanities is provided through the Institute of Digital Arts and Humanities (IDAH). IDAH
sponsors faculty fellows to work on projects for a year, providing some software development and grant proposal
writing support, and the library (through the Digital Library Program, DLP) supports those projects on a more or less ad
hoc basis
There are also some services hosted outside the library.
We offer a set of repository and publishing services to the university community. We do not offer services specifically
tailored to humanities faculty, but they are among our users.
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