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University of Miami
Digital Library Fellows: Request for Proposals
Digital Library Fellows:
Request for Proposals
University of Miami Libraries
The University of Miami Libraries are initiating the second cycle of the Digital Library Fellows program to
create innovative new electronic scholarly content by awarding grants to faculty interested in developing
digital resources.
The Libraries will provide funding and technological support to UM faculty for the creation and online
delivery of scholarly electronic resources. The Libraries are seeking projects that will have a significant
impact on teaching, learning, and research, and encourage projects which include student participation.
Projects will result in open access on-line resources designed to have long-term relevance to UM faculty
and students. To ensure long-term access to resources created, all digital content will be produced in strict
adherence to state-of-the-art digital preservation standards and technical specifications.
The competitive Digital Library Fellowships are open to full-time, regular (tenured or tenure track)
University of Miami faculty interested in developing innovative digital resources. The fellowship is limited
to Coral Gables campus faculty.
Up to two Fellowships will be awarded with a maximum of $15,000 for one year. The earliest project start
date is March 1, 2008. Later start dates are possible, but all projects must be completed by March 1, 2009.
Project Selection
Selected projects will result in the creation of scholarly, internet-based digital resources that meet the
following criteria:
Represents a new and innovative type of resource or provides access to a traditional resource in new
Generates a new user experience which would not be possible via access to a print resource;
Contributes to the teaching and learning at the academic level of content relevant to the University of
Miami student body as well as the international scholarly community.
Proposal Format
The proposal must include the following parts:
A one paragraph abstract of the project;
A two to three page narrative describing the proposal;
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