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University of South Carolina
Center for Digital Humanities
Center for Digital Humanities at South Carolina
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David Lee Miller
Founding Member and Director, Center for Digital Humanities
Carolina Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative
The Center for Digital Humanities at South Carolina supports
innovations in the use of digital technology for research,
teaching, and public outreach in the Humanities and related
disciplines. Our primary mission is to collaborate with faculty in
developing research proposals for external funding, but we
supplement this core objective with efforts to promote
awareness of digital technologies among humanities faculty, to
initiate courses and curricula in the digital humanities, and to
provide students with opportunities for hands-on experience
working with sponsored projects.
The Center's goals stem directly from its mission. We believe
that the Humanities are entering a period of major innovation,
and our goal is to help place faculty at South Carolina in the
forefront of disciplinary change. We seek as well to provide
graduate and undergraduate students in a wide range of fields
with skills they will need in an era of rapid technological
growth. To achieve these goals, the Center is dedicated to
creating the technical and human infrastructure necessary to
support interdisciplinary collaboration on digital research
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