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Emory University
Lynchings Draft Project Charter
*The project will be completed within one calendar year from its start date
*We will implement the agreed-upon scope of the project.
*Limited support for the project will be available in the second year, but active
development should be completed within the first year.
*DiSC will provide engineering assistance for the project throughout the year.
*Neither DiSC nor the Library assumes responsibility for sustaining the project
beyond the two years of this agreement.
The project should be well-documented, including the documentation required for
ongoing support, and the documentation preserved by the project manager. The
documentation will be provided to the project initiator.
*Requests for reimbursement must be submitted in writing to the DiSC
*Reimbursements will not exceed the amount approved for the project,
regardless of actual expenses.
Project members may use any of it as examples in presentations, papers,
interviews, and other media opportunities. They may post any of it to their web
sites. Wherever possible, they should mention the names of the other project
members who were directly involved, as well as the name of the project.
No project participants will publish datasets or distribute the data for purposes
other than this project.
For presentations or papers where this work is the main topic, all team members
who worked directly on this subproject should be co-authors. Any member can
elect at any time not to be listed, but may not veto publication.
For presentations or papers that spin off from this work, only those members
directly involved need to be listed as co-authors. The others should be mentioned
if possible in the acknowledgments, credits, or article citations.
All project participants may list the project on their curriculum vitae, and should
attempt to describe their contributions honestly and comprehensively.
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