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Getting Started with MONK
hosted by the University Library
An Introduction to MONK
Use MONK's Public Data Set
This instance of the MONK Project includes approximately 525
works of American literature from the 18th and 19th centuries, and
37 plays and 5 works of poetry by William Shakespeare provided
by the scholars and libraries at Northwestern University, Indiana
University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the
University of Virginia. These texts are available to all users,
regardless of institutional affiliation.
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Use CIC's Augmented Data Set
Staff, student or faculty at one of the CIC (Big Ten) schools may
use MONK with an augmented data set that includes all the texts in
the public data set plus about a thousand works of British literature
from the 16th through the 19th century, provided by The Text
Creation Partnership (EEBO and ECCO) and ProQuest (Chadwyck-
Healey Nineteenth-Century Fiction). To use MONK with this data
set you will be required to authenticate using the CIC
implementation of Shibboleth.
The MONK Project provides access to the digitized texts described above along with tools to enable literary research through the
discovery, exploration, and visualization of patterns. Users typically start a project with one of the toolsets that has been predefined by the
MONK team. Each toolset is made up of individual tools (e.g. a search tool, a browsing tool, a rating tool, and a visualization), and these
tools are applied to worksets of texts selected by the user from the MONK datastore. Worksets and results can be saved for later use or
modification, and results can be exported in some standard formats (e.g., CSV files).
If this is your first time using MONK, please have a look at MONK's tutorials.
To use MONK you will be required to create a personal login account; use of this Website is subject to these terms and conditions.
Here's how we protect your privacy. If you just want a quick look around, you can log in as "guest" with the password "guest" (but your
work can be changed by the next person to log in). For a private workspace, sign up to create a login account, and log in to create,
compare, and analyze worksets. Look for context-sensitive help to guide you during your exploration.
Access MONK's terms, conditions of use, and privacy policy.
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