44 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Policies and Procedures
19. Does your library have a policy or written statement describing the ways in which it supports
digital humanities projects? N=49
Yes 6 12%
No 43 88%
20. Is there a formal process for reviewing or developing proposals and allocating resources for digital
humanities projects? N=47
Yes 16 34%
No 31 66%
If yes, please briefly describe the process. N=15
After discussions on the front-line level, librarians submit a project proposal form, signed by one of the divisional
directors, and submit it to the Libraries’ Digital Program Division. The division considers the feasibility and priority of the
project, meets with the proposers to agree to any needed modifications, and then implements the project, usually in
conjunction with the Preservation and Reformatting Department or outside vendors, in accordance with its budgetary
and staff resources.
Currently, scholars work with librarians to produce a proposal which is submitted to the Digital Systems Division for
approval and planning.
Digital initiatives advisory group sets priorities which we submit for approval by library administration.
For projects involving deposit of content in a local of system-wide repository, a faculty member contacts his or her
subject librarian about a potential project. The subject librarian completes a proposal form for the Libraries’ Digital
Scholarship Program Working Group to review. The proposal is evaluated according to established criteria concerning
its research significance, the target audience, the availability of resources, and the availability of other, external services
to meet the faculty’s needs. If librarians on the working group can not fit the project into their existing workload, the
proposal is reviewed by the Libraries’ Leadership Council for further allocation of resources.
Freedman Fellows Program: annual award program for which eligible faculty submit proposals. Proposals are received,
reviewed, final selections are made and awards are announced.
IDAH fellowships.
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