40 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Presentation at faculty council and Senate meetings. We run workshops for graduate students on scholarly
Separate website for the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities.
Simple word of mouth. Our services are fledgling at best.
These services are not currently promoted because of the limited staffing available to support them and because
“digital humanities” is not yet well known by a critical mass of researchers in context with the work they are doing on
the campus. The Center for the Humanities will be hosting a fall forum that will include the digital humanities and will
increase this awareness rapidly.
University-wide interdisciplinary committees, symposia.
We do not advertize yet since we’re not ready.
Word of mouth from other customers inquiry based on other library projects/products.
Word of mouth interdepartmental channels programs (Freedman Fellows program).
Word of mouth. (4 responses)
Project Workspace
15. Where do library staff met with researchers to plan/consult on digital humanities projects? N=48
Library staff member’s office 45 94%
Researcher’s office 35 73%
Library group study room 18 38%
Digital scholarship/humanities center conference room 13 27%
Other space, please describe 19 40%
Campus coffee shops, faculty center, neighborhood establishments. Will soon be able to meet in our new research
commons, library cafe.
Campus meeting rooms, library technology office.
Coffee shop.
Conference rooms in the library.
Conference Rooms in the TFDL. We work with the scholars wherever they might be in the library, depending on the
stage of research.
Digital Library Services office.
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