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IDRH co-sponsors three HASTAC Scholars
Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities
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Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities
The Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities provides resources and training in the
practices and tools of the digital humanities, facilitating interdisciplinary academic
collaborations, innovative research, and external funding opportunities.
IDRH co-sponsors three HASTAC Scholars
The Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities and the Center for Digital Scholarship are pleased to sponsor
three KU graduate students as participants in the 2011-2012 HASTAC Scholar’s program.
Founded in 2002, HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Advanced Collaboratory) is a network of
individuals and institutions that come together to share, collaborate, and learn through online forums, blogs,
conferences, social media and other channels of communication. Every year institutions from around the world support
graduate and undergraduate students as HASTAC Scholars with small scholarships.
“HASTAC Scholars report on the work happening on their campuses and in their region to an international
audience….The HASTAC Scholars also orchestrate a regular discussion on the HASTAC web site. Open to all, these
expansive forums initiate rich insights and deep exchanges on timely issues related to digital media and learning and
the digital humanities more broadly.”
This year’s KU Scholars are the first from KU to participate in the HASTAC program. Congratulations to all three, and
please follow their work at the links below!
Avery Dame (American Studies):
I’m currently a Master’s Candidate in American Studies at the University of Kansas. My interests include queer
representation in media, online communities, and comics studies. My thesis is a critical reading of how the five best-
connected trans male vloggers manage being both public trans figures and private individuals. I also currently serve as
assistant editor of the journal American Studies.
Follow Avery’s HASTAC blog: http://hastac.org/users/adame
Natalie Pennington (Communication Studies):
I’m a doctoral student at the University of Kansas in the department of Communication Studies. My research is
focused on interpersonal communication through social media sites. From how we manage our impressions online, to
how we seek out social support from our networks, if its about how we communicate through Facebook, I’m interested!
Follow Natalies’s HASTAC blog: http://hastac.org/users/natpen
Kenton Rambsy (English):
Kenton Rambsy is a graduate student in Literature and Theory at the University of Kansas. His research interests
include self-education and political thought in African American autobiographical and fiction narratives. He is the
Project Digital Initiative Coordinator and Blog Editor for the Project on the History of Black Writing (HBW) at the
University of Kansas (Lawrence).
Arienne Dwyer
Institute for Digital Research in
the Humanities
Associate Professor,
email: anthlinguist AT ku DOT
Brian Rosenblum
Institute for Digital Research in
the Humanities
Associate Librarian,
KU Libraries
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