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University of South Carolina
Center for Digital Humanities
Center for Digital Humanities at South Carolina
http://cdh.sc.edu/[10/28/11 12:20:19 PM]
312 Welsh Humanities Office
1620 College Street
Columbia, SC 29208
Welcome to the Virtual Center for Digital Humanities, your
online portal to a range of projects that use new forms of
technology to support research, education, preservation, and
public programs at the University of South Carolina.
The Center for Digital Humanities was established in 2008 by a
group of scholars who believe that the future of research and
teaching in the humanities is bound to digital methodologies,
pedagogies, and media. We believe that the brilliance of
humanistic inquiry across many fields--history, literature, art,
science, and information science--lies in its increasingly
interdisciplinary nature, and that creating a Center, both
physically and virtually, will transform research and teaching by
fostering new models of inquiry.
Our pilot effort, the Digital Humanities Initiative, demonstrated
the importance of the Center's mission. We have developed
projects that feature a range of technical challenges, fostered
innovative uses of technology in the classroom, and helped
faculty, staff, and students across the campus explore
possibilities created by digital technologies. The Center is
proud to acknowledge the support and collaboration that made
this pilot phase possible, including crucial contributions from
the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of Information
Technology, the Office of the Vice President for Research, the
School of Library and Information Science, the Departments of
Art, Computer Science, English, History, and Philosophy, the
Institute for Southern Studies, and the program for Women's
and Gender Studies.
Formally recognized in June of 2010 by the University of South
Carolina Board of Trustees, The Center for Digital Humanities
has now moved into its next stage of development, offering
new opportunities in the research and teaching of digital
humanities to an expanding circle of partners on the Columbia
campus and throughout the University system.
Please feel free to explore the virtual Center and to contact me
should you have any questions.
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McGill & Andrew Parker - The
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Open House
CDH Formally Recognized
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