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What is the Scholars’ Lab?
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What is the Scholars' Lab?
The Scholars' Lab is a place where faculty and advanced students in the humanities and social sciences can
explore digital resources, find expert help, and collaborate on innovative research projects. We also host exciting
events, such as workshops, talks, and roundtables, and we sponsor a graduate student fellowship in the digital
The faculty and staff of the Scholars' Lab can assist you in
project development and digital research;
electronic text encoding and qualitative analysis;
digitization of texts and images, including OCR; and
your research computing needs in the humanities and social sciences.
an open, inviting space with seating areas specially designed for collaborative and solo work
31 high-end PC workstations with widescreen, high-resolution monitors
complete suite of peripheral equipment (including printers, CD/DVD burners, and flat-bed, sheet-feed, duplex,
and large format model scanners)
enhanced software and digital resources for statistical and spatial analysis, text and image manipulation and
all areas well-configured for personal laptop use (wired or wireless)
small wired conference room with flat panel monitor, PC, DVD, VCR, audio, projection and a white board
a fully-furnished 12-seat computer classroom with Smart™ technology
In addition to the software available on all ITC-maintained machines at UVA (listed here), the Scholars' Lab features
specialized software in the following categories:
GIS Utilities
Graphics & Presentations
Network Utilities
Statistical Utilities
Text Encoding, Scanning, and Word Processing
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