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Aerial Photography: Florida
Historical aerial photographs dramatically
document changes in Florida's land use. The
initial Aerial Photography: Florida collection
was funded by two Florida Library Service and
Technology Assistant grants from the Florida
Department of State.
Map and Imagery Collections
Map and imagery collections includes maps
of Florida and the world, both historic and
contemporary, as well as aerial photographs
of Florida.
Florida Digital Newspaper Library
The Florida Digital Newspaper Library,
hosted by the University of Florida Libraries,
provides access to the news and history of
Florida Law Collections
Florida Law currently holds the Journal of the
Florida House of Reprentatives and a Florida
Water Law collection. Planned additions
include the Laws of the Florida Territory and the Early
Florida Constitutions, as well as a variety of general
texts on Florida laws, the legislative process, and
Florida Photograph Collections
Historic and contemporary photographs
visually document Florida and the University
of Florida. This collaborative collection was
created with content from several schools within the
University of Florida, the Matheson Historical Center
Collection, SWFLN, and many other smaller archives,
libraries, and museums.
Living in Florida: Its Cities and People
These collection groups tell the stories of the
people that lived in Florida and the cities they
Oral History Collections
The Oral History Collections comprise the
digital holdings of both the Matheson
Museum (Gainesville, Florida) and the
Samuel Proctor Oral History Program at the University
of Florida. Together, the Collections document life in
Gainesville, across Florida, the Caribbean and other
African Studies Collections
The Africana Collection support the past,
ongoing and future needs of University of
Florida's Center for African Studies, one of
the most active and well regarded such centers in the
United States of America and the only United States
Department of Education Title VI Center for African
Studies in the American southeast.
Asian Collections
This digital collection draws from the Asian
Studies Collections at the University of
Florida, and includes rare resources on
Chinese Art History.
Digital Library of the Caribbean
The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)
is a cooperative digital library for resources
from and about the Caribbean and circum-
Caribbean. dLOC provides access to digitized versions
of Caribbean cultural, historical and research materials
currently held in archives, libraries, and private
Judaica Collections
The Judaica Digital Collections draw from the
Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica at the
University of Florida which, with holdings of
90,000 volumes, is the largest Jewish studies research
collection in the southeastern United States. Initial
materials selected for digitization are unique and rare
items, and more will be added as the Judaica Digital
Collections continue to grow.
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