SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities · 43
18. Do researchers typically come to a project having already secured funding necessary to accomplish
the goals of their digital projects? N=46
Yes 11 24%
No 35 76%
Half of the time.
Mostly, yes, but on occasion proposals are generated after initial discussion.
Or they are doing small-scale projects that don’t require significant funding.
Yes, but that is more of a projection of how we would like things to go once we open our research commons. We would
like the library to become involved in digital projects as early as possible so that we can advise on funding needs. The
library will not typically provide funding unless the project furthers/builds upon existing library collections. Increasingly,
experienced digital researchers understand the need to come up with their own funding. The library will need to help
educate scholars who are newer to digital research and scholarship.
A mixture. Researchers come to the library at many stages, but usually they have not already secured funding.
Often they come to us when they are in the middle of writing a grant, so before funding is secured but contingent on it
coming in order for a project to start.
Sometimes researchers approach the library when preparing grant proposals.
That is not a requirement.
These researchers typically do not have a deep understanding of the level of funding that would be required to perform
the work they have in mind.
This will vary.
Through IDAH, we assist with developing prototypes and writing proposals to fund further work. There have been
instances where faculty come to us with funding but it is not typical.
We are working hard to change this.
We work with researchers to provide the technical specifications they will need to complete their grant proposals.
We’ve only had once instance of this occurring. Wish it happened more!
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