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Rice Scholarship Home
Welcome to Rice University's digital
scholarship archive
This is Rice's institutional repository, a web site where the university's
intellectual output is shared, managed, searched, and preserved. Most
materials come from Rice faculty members' research, electronic theses
and dissertations, and digitized collections of rare or unique books,
images, musical performances, and manuscripts. The archive runs on
DSpace, an open source software package.
Do you have questions about this archive? Read our FAQ.
Rice Scholarship Home
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Americas Archive
[1297 items]
Ancient Rome
[2532 items]
Baker Institute
[7 items]
Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
[23 items]
Dean of Undergraduates
[6 items]
Digital Library Information
[1 items]
Fondren Library
[254 items]
George R. Brown School of Engineering
[1780 items]
History of Rice University
[51 items]
Indigenous Australian languages
[2 items]
JCDL Doctoral Consortium
[14 items]
Museum of Houston
[855 items]
Rice Ephemera Archive
[4523 items]
Rice University Commencement Programs and Ephemera
[313 items]
Rice University Electronic Theses and Dissertations
[7340 items]
Rice University General Announcements
[86 items]
Rice University Historical Images and Key Documents
[19 items]
Rice University News Publications
[7659 items]
Rice University Presidential Speeches
[6 items]
Rice University Press
[0 items]
Rice University Undergraduate Research
[2 items]
Rice University Yearbooks
[20 items]
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