SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities  · 127
Emory University
Commonwealth Project Charter
The project team will work with Emory IT to deploy CommonWealth in the current Proof-of-
Concept (POC) WordPress installation. Should the POC not be approved for continued
development, DiSC will provide the project initiator with advice / assistance transitioning the site
to another appropriate platform.  
During Summer 2012, the team will review the platform for its suitability for the intended task. 
In addition to PDFs or other formats for presentation, project members will keep safe and
distribute regularly all native files generated for the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash,
InDesign, and any other data files or source files. These files will be unflattened and editable.
Where copyright restrictions do not apply, fonts should also be included in shared files. 
Local projects should also make provisions for regular backup of all project files, including
versions of files in progress. 
We will strive to maintain a tone of mutual respect whenever we write or meet; we will strive to
forgive lapses if they occur. 
We will attempt to keep communications transparent, for example, by copying everyone
involved in any given discussion and by directly addressing any questions or concerns that may
arise with each other. 
We will participate in an assessment program and attempt to measure the efficiency of our
We will strive to be a group working toward different parts of a larger, coherent, and important
whole one that promises to exceed the sum of its parts.   
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