SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities  · 109
University of Florida
Proposal Template for New Digital Collections & Projects
Proposal Template for New Digital Collections & Projects
Subject Specialist/PI and Digital Services
Title: Project Title
Date needed by &
Class, exhibit, donor request, no deadline
Source of funds: Departmental endowments, donor, grant, etc.
Holding Institution: UF Materials, digital acquisition/archiving
Departmental priority:
Project abstract: 250-500 words covering the theme/subject area and purpose.
Quantity / Scope of the
Size and scope of what is being proposed for digitization.
Type of material: photos, books, audio, video, etc
Type of content: color pages, black and white, audio interviews, music
Media Format: reel to reel, from microfilm, from slides, etc.
Size: in inches for page size to determine if large format equipment is needed;
and/or length in minutes for audio/video
Condition: brittleness, preservation needs
Copyright status
Metadata available (catalog record, spreadsheet, none, etc.). Is there a title,
author, and date for each item? If not, is there a finding guide with this
Journals/Serials: Included in the exchange program?
Copyright status: Public domain, permissions on file, etc.
Connection to Existing
How does this collection enhance existing library collections, departments or
research at UF?
Audience for the digital
Which departments, colleges, and particular researchers at UF and in the
state of Florida, in the region, worldwide?
Possible partners: What other libraries or groups may be digitizing it or in partnering (local
museums, public libraries, publishers, community groups)?
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