SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities · 15
Survey Questions and Responses
The SPEC survey on Digital Humanities was designed by Tim Bryson, Librarian for South Asian
Studies and Religious Studies, Miriam Posner, Mellon Postdoctoral Research Associate, Alain St. Pierre,
Humanities Librarian for European History and Philosophy, and Stewart Varner, Digital Scholarship
Coordinator, at Emory University. These results are based on data submitted by 64 of the 126 ARL member
libraries (51%) by the deadline of May 13, 2011. The survey’s introductory text and questions are reproduced
below, followed by the response data and selected comments from the respondents.
Scholars and librarians share a common interest in creating, converting, and finding information in digital formats, for analyzing
or manipulating this information, and for sharing, disseminating, or publishing it. A number of research institutions host digital
scholarship centers or otherwise provide services to help researchers design, produce, disseminate, and maintain digital projects.
These centers are often, but not always, located in libraries and incorporate library staff or services into their core programming.
Other institutions provide similar services in a less centralized manner. Some services target specific disciplines others are
This survey is specifically interested in digital scholarship centers or services that support the humanities (e.g., history, art, music, film,
literature, philosophy, religion, etc.) The purpose of this survey is to provide a snapshot of research library experiences with these
centers or services and the benefits and challenges of hosting them. The survey explores the organization of these services, how
they are staffed and funded, what services they offer and to whom, what technical infrastructure is provided, whether the library
manages or archives the digital resources produced, and how services are assessed, among other questions.
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