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Freedman Center
Kelvin Smith Library: The Samuel B. & Marian K. Freedman Digital Library, Language Learning, and Multimedia Services Center
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Freedman Center
The Samuel B. & Marian K. Freedman Digital Library, Language Learning,
and Multimedia Services Center
The Freedman Center is a partnership
between the College of Arts and
Sciences and the Kelvin Smith
Library. Established in 2005, with over
2,700 square feet of highly functional
workspace and state-of-the-art
equipment, the Freedman Center
harnesses the power of modern
technology and combines it with the
driver of academic creativity.
The Freedman Center consists
primarily of three service areas, but
also offers special programs:
Digital Library Services
Language Learning Services
Multimedia Services
Special Programs
For the College of Arts and Sciences
the Freedman Center is evidence of
the College's commitment to the
evolution of education and the
integration of information technologies
in its curriculum and research
practices. For the Kelvin Smith
Library, the Freedman Center is the
culmination of a ten-year vision for a
center that provides faculty, students,
and staff with the ability to utilize both
analog and hardcopy information
sources in digital works,
presentations, and research.
Helpful staff is on hand to guide you through your project and teach you how to use the latest technology whether
you are creating a PowerPoint presentation or full media CD-ROMs and interactive DVDs. You will not only walk
away with a completed project, but with the skills to do it again.
The Freedman Center also houses workstations with language learning capabilities. Users have access to region-
free technology that allows them to view any foreign language DVD, VHS tape, and television broadcast. The
Freedman Center offers many tools to support classroom learning. Modern Language faculty can post assignments
for their students and can track both student usage and attendance. The Center also offers the Pimsleur
Comprehensive Series for language learning, a world-renowned instructional program that features fourteen
languages including Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.
To learn more about the capabilities of the Freedman Center,
please continue.
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