30  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Digital Asset Manager.
Digital Librarian.
Here, once again, the mix will vary by the group and scale of project. LDPD projects would involve playing roles 2, 3, and
5. CCNMTL and CDRS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. DHC primarily 1 and 5.
It is less “scholarly collaborator” but we are moving in that direction.
Some of our student staff provide research assistance.
Steward for digital content when needed. Instructor for techniques useful to digital humanities.
To clarify, the metadata librarian consults, the Head of Digital Library Initiatives and Head of Special Collections are both
librarians and manage or consult, but “the role of the librarian” for us really depends what librarian and what project
and what skills are needed.
9. In which of the following ways does library staff contribute expertise to digital humanities
endeavors? Check all that apply. N=49
Strategizing on: N=43
Creation of tools for use in the digital humanities 33 77%
Marketing/outreach 20 47%
Customer intelligence 13 30%
Other, please describe 11 26%
Assessment of the viability of various initiatives and development of multi-disciplinary partnerships. We do very little
tool creation, but we do assist in the adoption of tools.
CCNMTL and CDRS in particular are involved in this area, and occasionally LDPD.
Curation life-cycle planning.
Funding opportunities.
Installation/configuration of tools for use in the digital humanities.
Librarians are leading DH, not schools.
Organization of materials, presentation, interactivity.
Resource acquisition.
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