SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities  · 29
Preservation and Education N=47
Digital asset preservation  and access 42 89%
Instruction in technologies 32 68%
Acquisition of primary and  secondary resources for use in digital projects 31 66%
Other activity, please describe 8 17%
Advising on metadata standards and curation/preservation for physical and digital materials.
Again, actual digital preservation is still in development but we are already committed to it for various projects and
Digital asset preservation and access is a developing service. We also participate in funding and providing nationally
recognized digital humanities speakers with our partners.
Library instruction in use of mature digital humanities projects.
Many of these are in preliminary stages of development.
Preservation would only apply to the large-scale projects. The other two would be more likely to be functions handled
by the DHC.
Some preservation assistance is given by another unit in the College of Education (Center for Advanced Technology in
Education). But we also have a unit in the library with which we may be joining forces soon.
Work within the library as a whole to develop support for these activities, and to ensure library staff have skills in these
8. Which of the following terms describe the role of the librarian in your library’s support for digital
humanities? Check all that apply. N=50
Consultant 37 74%
Scholarly collaborator 34 68%
Project manager 30 60%
Resource manager 26 52%
Research assistant 9 18%
Other term, please specify 12 24%
Collaborator. We are building institutions and collections to support Digital Humanities. New ideas and assistance
selecting materials is welcome.
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