SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities · 17
The Library Hosts a Digital Scholarship Center that Supports Multiple Disciplines
It is work in progress.
Our center supports multiple disciplines, but has several programs targeted toward the digital humanities.
Some projects are also hosted outside the library.
The libraries are currently working to build Digital Libraries through Special Collections and an Institutional Repository.
Both will serve the Humanities, as well as other disciplines.
The Libraries’ digital repository, RUcore, along with the Scholarly Communication Center, provides services supporting
the humanities and other disciplines, including digital exhibits, online journals, and digital collection archiving.
The unit in the library that supports digital humanities is “Digital Library Services” but this has broader concerns (i.e.,
digitizing library collections, ETDs, etc.). There is a separate “Humanities Digital Workshop” that more specifically
supports digital humanities, and exists outside the library physically and organizationally, with which we collaborate.
We are imminently hosting a digital scholarship center for humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary research. It
will be fully operational this summer.
We have multiple centers for digital scholarship services on campus: In addition to the library’s new digital scholarship
center, there are two other institutes that provide fellowships, forums, and other funding for students and faculty doing
digital scholarship.
Within the Libraries’ Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) is a partnership called the Institute for Digital Research in the
Humanities which has three partners: the Libraries, the Hall Center for humanities research, and the College of Liberal
Arts and Science. It is one of several CDS programs.
Services for Digital Humanities Projects are Hosted Outside the Library
The library has a Digital Collections Department that works with Digital Humanities and the University Press on digital
scholarship projects.
The projects managed by the Center for Bibliographic Studies and Research are hosted outside of the campus library.
The Library Hosts a Digital Scholarship Center that is Specifically Dedicated to the Humanities
The Digital Humanities Center focuses on helping patrons use our digital humanities resources and to create digital
resources for individual or small group research projects. However, we also assist in the creation of some digital content
that is aimed for a broader audience, and work closely with departments charged with larger scale digital projects. We
are also becoming a place where patrons can bring a project idea, do some small-scale testing for proof of concept,
and then get referred to those dedicated production departments. In addition to the Digital Humanities Center, we also
offer digital humanities support through the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship and the Center for New Media
Teaching and Learning, both of which are units within the University Libraries/Information Services. There is a Faculty
Drop-by Center for the Center for New Media and Teaching and Learning.
We have a number of small units that do support digital scholarship in all disciplines, but my unit is specifically devoted
to the Humanities. We are hoping to create a DSC consortium and a New Media Production Lab open to faculty and
Digital Scholarship Services are not Offered at My Institution
Currently in development official launch this fall.
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