SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities  · 55
If yes, what measures are used to assess the effectiveness of these services? Check all that apply.
Demand (e.g., services provided relative to demand, increase in demand) 8 67%
Web analytics (e.g., number of hits on web-facing projects) 8 67%
Publications (e.g., research publications or web projects published
citing or based on these services) 5 42%
Financial (e.g., funding targets reached, good grant funding record) 3 25%
Media coverage (e.g., non-research publications about the program) 3 25%
Other measure, please describe 4 33%
A survey of users made as part of the planning process for a new Digital Humanities Center.
Faculty compliments.
Responses by users.
Survey and focus groups to understand user needs and expectations.
Additional Comment
There has not been an assessment yet, but that is planned for the end of the first year.
26. Were any changes made to the services offered as a result of the assessment? N=11
Yes 6 55%
No 5 45%
If yes, please briefly describe up to three changes that were made. N=6
Expansion of hours, deployment of scanners at many more places across the university, new focus in the DHC program
on notes and resource management programs.
For our Freedman Fellows Program we have not only reshaped how it functions (project support and partnering from
education) but will reshape the program again in coming years.
Made modifications to projects.
Many, based on annual usability studies, quarterly/midyear/annual reports for specific grants, etc.
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