24 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Primary Responsibility Reports to Comments
Co-Director, IDAH Vice Provost for Research Coordinator of DH support does not
report through the library, which can
cause issues as the person responsible
for bringing in faculty projects has no
responsibility for the work that is actually
done on those projects in the DLP.
Diffuse Mostly through Collections.
Digital Initiatives Coordinator Acting Associate University Librarian for
Information Resources
Staff time commitment to digital
humanities (as opposed to other digital
scholarship services) has not been
Digital Initiatives Librarian Head, Bibliographic Services
Digital Library Center, digital services
librarian (currently serving as interim
Permanent chair of department once
hired, currently Associate Dean for
Technology &Support Services
Digital Library Production Head
(Manages/Coordinates all Digital
Services, not just Humanities)
The Associate Dean of Special Collections
Digital Projects Librarian Associate Directory for Information
Digital Scholarship Coordinator The Chief Technology Strategist
Director of Digital Library Services Associate Dean for Library Technologies
Director of Digital Research &Scholarship Deputy University Librarian
Director of Scholarly Technology AUL Digital Initiatives and Content
Director of the Digital Library Library AD for Organizational
Director, Center for Digital Scholarship University Librarian
Director, Digital Library Technology
Dean of Libraries
Director, Wired Humanities Projects Dean of the Libraries When I put 3 down for permanent staff,
that’s deceiving. Two of us are sort
of permanent, and we are each half
time. The third, a graduate assistant,
is quarter time. But we manage about
12 work-study students and volunteer
English and Digital Humanities Librarian Dean of the University Library My title has more or less designated
me as the coordinating point person for
digital humanities services, but there are
a host of library staff and other campus
personnel who actively coordinate digital
humanities projects and activities.
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