46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
21. Does your library use any document, such as a statement of work or operating agreement, to
clarify the scope of services that will be provided for the project? N=46
Yes 23 50%
No 23 50%
If yes, please briefly describe the contents of that document. N=22
Agreements such as this are generally at institution level (i.e., when we work with other organizations). They outline
roles, scope of work, time frame, responsibilities, costs (if any) and expenses level of service to be provided. It’s a
memorandum of understanding.
Drawing up memoranda of understanding is a recent development, and is not always used depending on the project.
The MOU is used when we are developing specialized microsites, but special image digitization projects typically don’t
utilize them, although in some cases special external contracts are in force (for example when developing a collection
for contribution to ARTstor).
For any project in which we collaborate with a faculty member for deposit of content in a local of system-wide
repository, we require a memorandum of understanding and a deposit agreement. The MOU outlines the responsibilities
of all project participants and establishes a time line for all project steps. The deposit agreement ensures that the faculty
member has the rights to make the material available on the web.
For some projects we create an MOU (memo of understanding) or we spell out a work statement in a grant application.
This could include staff percentages, work to be undertaken, timelines, and budgets.
For some projects, we develop an MoU describing the scope of work and any digital preservation commitments. We
also share an SLA (service level agreement) covering downtime, hours of operation, etc. for projects that we host.
If part of the proposal process.
Instructional Support Services has a work order form which specifies the work to be done, the schedule, and any costs
It is an agreement that indicates we will retain and preserve digital assets, but not necessarily a complete digital project
(because technologies change, etc.)
Our department has developed project intake forms for audio production, video production, and geospatial services.
Project plan template with information on all standards, definition of the project, expected timelines, deliverables,
project costs, etc.
Sometimes Memorandums of Agreement/Understanding are used.
Strategic plan under development.
The document(s) required vary by project (MOU, grant letter of support, project proposal form, etc.) All work to date
has been bundled with the digital collections and so follows those processes.
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