SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities  · 41
Instructional Support Services has a suite of offices and workrooms within the library.
Library conference rooms, especially those equipped with large monitors for collaborative viewing of digital objects or
comparator sites.
Library meeting room.
Library meeting rooms.
Library meeting spaces. Hall Center for the Humanities (research center) meeting spaces.
Library space allocated for using hardware and software described below is general space allocated for digital media
services and digital libraries. There are two studios for users (small, 8 x 8 feet), there is another room with a scanner (8 x
12 feet), and a larger room to store, organize, scan, and process materials that is approximately 12 x 24 feet.
Library staff meeting rooms (not public).
Meeting space in the main library.
MPublishing meeting room. Digital Library Production Services meeting room.
Multimedia Lab.
Over lunch.
There are a number of meeting rooms in the library staff are free to reserve for consultations.
We are hoping to improve our spaces, making them more visible, more welcoming, with users, support staff, and lab
equipment in closer proximity, too.
16. Is there dedicated library space allocated for using the hardware and software that is available to
support digital humanities projects? N=48
Yes 25 52%
No 23 48%
If yes, please estimate the square footage of the dedicated library space. N=20
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
100 6000 1204 800 1392.14
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