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Cornell University
Grants Program for Digital Collections in Arts and Sciences
Grants Program for Digital Collections in Arts and Sciences - Arts & Sciences Grants Program - Confluence
https://confluence.cornell.edu/display/grantsas/Grants+Program+for+Digital+Collections+in+Arts+and+Sciences[10/28/11 5:46:27 PM]
Demonstrate strong interest within the academic community for access to the collection
Contribute significantly to the existing digital collections such as the ones included in the Cornell University Library's digital
Support the College's subject strengths
Application Process
Express initial interest by February 17, 2012 by sending an email to dcaps@cornell.edu. In a paragraph please include the
following information - description of collection, document types (photographs, monographs, manuscripts, slides, etc.) and
estimated collection size.
Staff from the Library's Digital Consulting and Production Services (DCAPS) will contact and assist applicants with the full proposal
application process - including copyright issues, budgets, technology options. Full proposals due by March 30, 2012.
Download full proposal application (.doc)
The Proposal Review Committee, comprised of members of the Arts & Sciences Visual Resources Advisory Group, will evaluate
proposals and make their recommendations.
Important Dates for 2012 Program
Stage Date
Express initial interest by February 17, 2012
Proposals due March 30, 2012
Awards announcements May 2012
Planning & Implementation Begins August 2012
2011 Awards
Annetta Alexandridis, Classics/Art History - Greek and Roman Coin Collection
Collaborators: Verity Platt, Classics
Cornell’s coin collection is listed among the most important numismatic collections in the United States. Online availability of 1,500
coins from the ancient world with detailed descriptions will enable the integration of these coins in teaching and learning at Cornell
and elsewhere. Because the coins are too valuable and risky, currently they can be used only for small-group classes. The
potential is enormous.
David Bathrick, German Studies/Theater - Kluge Online,
Collaborators: Dr. Rainer Stollmann, University of Bremen(Germany), University of Bremen Library, Dr. Michael Jennings
(Princeton University)
We will significantly expand the existing Muller-Kluge online collection, which is one of the most visited collections hosted by the
Library. The website consist of interviews between West German filmmaker Alexander Kluge and the East German playwright
Heiner Muller http://muller-kluge.library.cornell.edu/en/. The new site will will incorporate Kluge interviews with Hans Magnus
Enzenberger and Oskar Negt. This initiative also involves a partnership and will enable Cornell to have access to Princeton's Kluge
Research Collection.
Katsuya Hirano, History/Asian Studies - Japanese Woodblocks from the William Elliot Griffis Collection
Collaborators: Daniel McKee, Japanese Bibliographer, CUL
These 17th century Japanese woodblock printed books represent Japan’s initial attempts to understand the west and modernize
itself. They are therefore of great importance in understanding the formation of modern Japan. These books, many of which are
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