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This also happens frequently, and is generally more oriented toward tool development than toward “service provision”
in other senses of the word. A recent example would be a Library of Congress-funded collaboration between UVa
Library’s Scholars’ Lab and the Center for History and New Media at George Mason to extend and develop scholarly
plug-ins for Omeka.
USC: funding for the Shoah Archive.
Via the Bamboo Initiative.
We are a member of CARLI and rely on their Digital Collections services, which include a statewide license for
We are also partnering with the Catholic Research Resources Alliance.
We are collaborating with UC Berkeley and others on The Bamboo Technology Project to develop applications and a
shared infrastructure for humanities research. This is a Mellon-funded project which grew out of a planning project that
engaged faculty, librarians, and technologists from 115 different institutions to define scholarly technology needs in the
We have some national and international partnerships, e.g., Central Michigan University (a digital library project); a
research center in Zacatecas, Mexico (a digital dictionary project); the University of Warsaw (more lexical database
work). We largely have collaborations on specific projects. We have also helped organize symposia (Oaxaca, Warsaw,
Vienna). We have run summer institutes (Eugene, Oregon and Oaxaca, Mexico). Our director has a Fulbright Specialist
designation intended to cultivate partnerships in Europe, such as with an ethnological museum in Berlin. It may also
take her back to Warsaw.
We partnered with the Missouri History Museum on a state-funded grant, and now on an IMLS funded project.
We worked with a number of other schools on a text encoding project. The goal was to share resources and I believe
the partnering scholars maintained the relationship.
Worked with NJ Historical Commission and many institutions around the state to develop the New Jersey Digital
Highway (archive of materials on NJ History). Worked with Women’s Project of New Jersey to develop New Jersey
Women’s History site. Collaborations typically arise out of existing relationships or grant projects.
25. Has there been any assessment of the effectiveness of the digital humanities services? N=49
Yes 12 25%
No 37 75%
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