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About the Scholarly Communication Center
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About the Scholarly Communication Center
The Scholarly Communication Center (SCC) represents a major commitment of the Rutgers University
Libraries to the publishing and integration of electronic resources into the mainstream of intellectual activity
at Rutgers University. Networked access to scholarly information and computer-based methods for research
and teaching are central to all activities in the modern university. The Scholarly Communication Center plays
a major role in providing the tools and platforms for digital libraries and publishing unique materials that are
important for the Libraries and the Rutgers community as a whole. The SCC seeks to establish collaborative
efforts with academic departments and other institutions to deliver electronic information to all the
communities served by Rutgers University.
The mission of the Scholarly Communication Center (SCC) is to promote access to scholarly and scientific
information by:
developing and providing open access to digital content and services;
deploying digital technology to identify, collect and preserve the intellectual assets of Rutgers
University, its scholars, and the State of New Jersey;
facilitating and supporting teaching and training by creating and maintaining a technology-rich learning
The SCC mission is developed in accordance with the Rutgers University Libraries' Digital Library
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I book the SCC facilities?
A. To book the SCC facilities call Bill Puglisi, Program Coordinator (732-932-7129, x174).
Before contacting the program coordinator, please do the following:
Visit the Event Facilities web page to see which of our facilities best meet your events needs.
Visit the New Brunswick Libraries Room Use Schedule web site to see if the facilities that
determine if the room(s) that meet(s) your need(s) is / are available on the day of your event.
Please be explicit when stating the needs of your event. If you know that you need a certain software
title or browser plugin and you do not see it listed on the event facilities web page, please state that
you need it on this form.
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