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Freedman Center Who We Are Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision
The Mission of the Samuel B. and Marian K. Freedman Digital Library, Language Learning, and Multimedia Services
Center is to bring together in one place a variety of technological resources in order to support and sustain learners
and create new ways of teaching and learning. The Freedman Center is an innovative partner with faculty, students,
and staff in providing full-service digital library, language learning, and multimedia services so that members of the
Case community can achieve/accomplish their research, scholarly, and artistic goals.
The Freedman Center sees itself as the crossroads of physical and virtual space, where information from a multitude
of disciplines across time, in a variety of languages and formats, is available to faculty, students, and staff, and can
be moved seamlessly from one format to another, for purposes of teaching, research, and learning.
The Freedman Center supports an innovative research library system and a dynamic Case community and strives to
be the world’s most cutting-edge center for the generation of new materials and methods of teaching and learning.
This goal is accomplished by:
Serving as a model information service provider committed to excellence
Providing collections of physical, virtual, and technological resources, and using them to maximum
Leveraging resources to make available high quality technology services and to support the Case
community in their effective use
Serving as a laboratory with its own research agenda
Developing innovative ways of creating, managing, using, sharing and preserving information in response
to a changing information environment
Developing opportunities and forming partnerships for the purposes of exploring new ways to use
technology to support teaching, research and learning
Educating the Case community about Copyright
Becoming a center and resource on campus for electronic publication.
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